How do I begin to plan my flowers?

Close your eyes...and think about your wedding day. Think about walking up the aisle & dancing your first dance as husband & wife. Then write down what you see. This is your dream...the best place to start. And of course call me...!

Do you have a minimum budget you will work with?

Yes, I do. When I began my Floral Design business, I knew that I wanted each of my clients to have a beautiful creative experience . To do this I need to dedicate myself completely to each & every event. 

I choose to take on a limited number of weddings each year. This allows me to focus 100% of my time on each wedding. And I truly do. 

On the day of your wedding//event I am there to hand you your bouquet, ensuring the ribbon is perfect. I'm there to step in when nervous fingers cant hold the pins to attach a boutonniere. When all your Bridesmaids have gone on ahead...I’m on hand there at the door...ready to fan your vail out perfectly as you take the first step of the most precious walk ever with your Father.

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Is a deposit required?

During our initial meeting  we will discuss your overall floral styling &  look over my portfolio of  designs. We spend time discussing your own unique wedding style & all the design possibilities available to you. After this meeting, should you like me to design your wedding florals I would then ask for a booking deposit to secure your date. 

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Do you design Church flowers or only bouquets?

I often get asked this question! And I design every floral  arrangement you will need for your wedding day. I think this is because I have more images of beautiful bouquets. Its difficult to take a beautiful image of a dressed church as the time frame can be tight and I’m running about with a scissors & ribbon...!

Will you transfer flowers from the church to my venue?

Of course I will, I love to see them used all day. I recommend transferring the florals to your reception room. An additional charge will need to be applied for this service.

Why decorate the entrance to the Church?

The entrance to your ceremony is very important as it set the tone for your entire day. It is a ‘preview’ of the styling your guest can look forward to for your whole day.

Also, a beautiful dressed entrance can be a stunning frame for your first picture as a married couple. 

How much do wedding flowers cost?

This is an impossible question to answer without first understanding what flowers you would like, the number of areas to be dressed, number of arrangements. All my weddings are uniquely designed & there is no standard cost.

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Do you deliver or should we collect?

Your more then welcome to collect your flowers. However, I really love all the excitement & fun on the morning of a wedding. I’m also very very protective of my flowers & its terrifies to see a very well meaning relative pop them into the back seat of car!

What about vases & props?

I have a magical store full of vases, pedestals, candle sticks in many different colours, sizes & shapes. If these don’t compliment your styling, I’m always happy to source some that will look perfect for you.

Can we use the flowers the next day?

Of course, I would love you too. Parties & Barbecues are becoming so popular now & your guest would love to see all your flowers again. I can also arrange them differently for you to suit another more relaxed styling.

Do I travel all over the country?

Absolutely, I am very happy setting up a pop-up workshop for a couple of days on site. I adore meeting new people & working in new locations.

Will I work internationally?

I’m there…bags packed !

Seriously of course I will. I love the challenge of sourcing new local suppliers where possible & embracing the local culture.

Do I have a team?

I’m good....however the regular 4am wake up call can take its toil during my busy peak season. I have a wonderful supportive team of trained florists who work with me on large events. They follow my direction & designs, allowing me to focus completely on the delicate Bridal work & fine wiring of boutonnieres. 

Why would I need Creative Direction Consultation?

There are many reasons. Your have a wonderful friend/relative who would like to make all your wedding flowers. This is such a beautiful & personal gift, however you would like to have a continuity of style running through your wedding day & you don't know where to start. We will sit down for two hours & chat about your colour palette, your personal style & your location. After this fun meeting I will forward you a beautiful design brief full of wonderful styling that will add a professional touch to your wedding Day. 

These meeting are wonderful for businesses needing creative advice before embarking on a new marketing campaign. I help point them in the correct direction where styling of spaces & photo shoots are involved.


I completely adore my blooms & my work. I look forward to working alongside you, creating the floral wonderland you have always dreamt of for your Wedding Day. Xx